Beth Weissman

Though my style evolves as I experiment with new methods of expression, the human form has remained the focus of my work. Yet, it is not the ‘rendering’ of that form that commands my interest. I do not paint so that the viewer may see what the subject looks like, though the work is realistic enough for that information to be conveyed. Instead, I attempt to capture a distinct moment when the subject suddenly looks inward.

This fleeting and particularly human episode is a familiar experience. It can transpire anywhere and at any time. We may be engaged in conversation, but for just one moment, perhaps even as we are speaking, our gaze turns inward. Reflection washes through us. Just as suddenly, we are back, the mirror is gone, we are reengaged. During just such an ephemeral instant, I sense that I am granted a transitory window to the ‘inside’.

Through my work, I attempt to capture and explore the emotions that become so momentarily visible. If I succeed, the viewer will see not my impression of what a subject looks like, but an insight as to what a subject must be like. Even in pictures where the subject confronts us directly, eyes wide open, I hope to convey a distinctly private moment when the subject has ever so briefly turned his or her gaze inward. If we are fortunate, we will not only see the subject, but also see what the subject is seeing.


1995 N.Y. Studio Intensive Class
New York, New York

1980 Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

1977 Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois

1971 San Jose State University
San Jose, California
Teaching Credential

1970 Stanford University
Stanford, California


2014 Little Nell
Aspen, Colorado

2006 Jonathan Foote and Associates
Bozeman, Montana

2004 Temple Emanuel
San Francisco, California

1994 Sylvia White Contemporary Artists
New York, New York

1993 Circle in the Square
New York, New York

1992 Santa Catalina Gallery
Monterey, California

1991 Contemporary Artists
Los Angeles, California

1990 International Art Exposition
Weston Gallery
Chicago, Illinois


1993 La Sierra University
“Passages: From Abstraction to Realism”
Riverside, California

1992 Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition
Santa Monica, California

1992 Art/LA “92”
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, California

1992 Three California Artists
Sun Cities Art Museum
Sun City, Arizona

1992 Weston Gallery South
Carmel, California

1991 Art/LA “91”
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, California

1991 Century Gallery
Sylmar, California

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