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“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Basically, this track is founded on Lizzo beefing with her ex. S

20 Jul , 2021,
Beth Weissman
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“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Basically, this track is founded on Lizzo beefing with her ex. S

he has got determined to snub him and proceed along with her life. And through the entire track she’s essentially saying the good reasons she’s got done this in addition to delineating the effects thereof. Plus in the procedure, she throws a couple of jabs at males generally speaking.

As an example, the track starts because of the line “why are males great ’til they surely got to be great”. It is meant to be considered a criticism specifically against guys in energy and usually contrary to the identified ineptitude of males to manage those seats effortlessly.

First Verse

The verse that is first Lizzo dissing some guy whom evidently she simply dumped.

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Her rationale for doing this is apparently which he wasn’t severe. As well as in the method, based on her, he destroyed a bi*ch that is“bad who was simply ready to assist him become successful.

2nd Verse

The verse that is second some animosity that existed involving the two of those. This means, her ex deliberately attempted to harm Lizzo by ‘breaking her heart’. But she asserts that she had been never ever emotionally-vested within the place that is first the purpose of becoming that susceptible. Then she insinuates her his “side chick”, which of course she did not appreciate that he was trying to make. Therefore now Lizzo is reveling into the undeniable fact that the homey is “back with (his) bi*ch” and that she’s again solitary. Quite simply, this woman is maybe perhaps not perspiring marriage at this aspect.

In reality her passions appear to have already shifted onto to a single of her ex’s homeboys.

Chorus and Bridge

Meanwhile the chorus weaves a brief story of guy evidently wanting to dump her via text, which will be one thing all over again she failed to appreciate.

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