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22 Oct , 2020,
Beth Weissman
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Composing Center Utilizing Proof: Citing Sources Properly


Citing sources precisely is vital to avoiding plagiarism in your writing. Perhaps perhaps Not citing sources precisely could mean that the tips, information, and phrasing you might be utilizing are your own personal, once they really originated with another writer. Plagiarism does not just mean copy and pasting another writer’s terms. Review Amber’s post, ” Avoiding Unintentional Plagiarism,” to get more information! Plagiarism can happen whenever authors:

  • Do not add citations that are enough paraphrased information,
  • Paraphrase a source wrongly,
  • Don’t use quote markings, or
  • Straight copy and paste phrasing from a supply without quotation marks or citations.

Find out more on how to avoid these kind of plagiarism in the after subpages and review the Plagiarism Detection & Revision techniques movie playlist with this page. To learn more about avoiding plagiarism, see our Plagiarism Prevention site Kit.

Also ensure that you consult our resources on citations to know about the correct formatting for citations.

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