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Timeless Pro Tips top Flies for Winter Trout into the Pacific Northwest

22 Jul , 2021,
Beth Weissman
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Timeless Pro Tips top Flies for Winter Trout into the Pacific Northwest

For some, winter fly fishing within the Pacific Northwest revolves around one species wintertime steelhead.

even though chasing fish that is chrome-bright bloated seaside streams can be quite a challenging and fulfilling experience, most folks overl k some of the amazing trout fishing we see through the winter time, on streams like the Yakima, Spokane, and Deschutes. Here are a few of our patterns that are favorite chasing wintertime trout into the Northwest.

1. Brassie (Red; sizes 16-22) exactly like elsewhere in the western, midges compensate a large section of a trout’s diet right here in Sasquatch Country. And there is no better midge-larva replica when compared to a red Brassie. This one is rivaled only by the Zebra Midge in its simplicity some red wire, a little peacock, and you’re done. We mainly trail a Brassie below a bigger attractor pattern, like a stonefly nymph or San Juan Worm, although it are fished efficiently in the area movie within a midge emergence.

2. Zebra Midge (Red, black colored, olive and white; sizes 18-22) this really is another midge-larva that is great, and is particularly a breeze to tie. Throughout the winter, we fish the Zebra Midge into the same role as the Brassie, and connect it in a variety of colors. If you tie your own personal, tie a couple of with tungsten bead heads to fast get down.

3. Pat’s Rubberlegs Stonefly (Black/brown, olive/black, olive/brown; sizes 8-12) When fishing a nymph that is two-fly under an indicator, 9 times out of 10 our lead fly is really a Pat’s Rubberlegs.

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