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Synthetic Intelligence Essay: risk of Extinction for the people

24 Oct , 2020,
Beth Weissman
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Synthetic Intelligence Essay: risk of Extinction for the people

Will the development of Self-Regulating synthetic Intelligence result in Human Extinction?


The technologies which by their abilities and intelligence approach the level of the human brain have become an inherent part of contemporary society with the development of computer science. The idea of synthetic intelligence (AI) is one of the most discussed topics in media, and also among scientists. Nowadays, there are numerous spheres by which AI is used.

One of them would be the healthcare sector and high-risk factories. Each scientists demonstrate many new capacities of AI which can perform the functions which are impossible for people year. Because of this, you will find issues that AI can achieve the greatest point of the development and result in individual extinction. Nonetheless, these worries really should not be taken really. AI is managed by individuals, and presently there aren’t any technologies stronger than the mental faculties. AI may cause the transformation of culture (which will be currently observed) although not to extinction, as individuals stay probably the most effective animals on our planet.

Pros and cons of AI

You can find huge number of various points of view which state that AI can cause the destruction regarding the planet and even peoples extinction. But a few of these presumptions should be interpreted critically. The worries in regards to the threatening energy of AI was produced by technology fiction and films, which describe the equipment revolts and their establishment since the power that is only the planet. Among such movies, you can find Blade Runner, Surrogates, Terminator, we, Robot, and others that are many. Such fears are frustrated by in conclusion of these researchers as Russell, Dewey, and Tegmark, whom advertised inside their research that after individuals lose their control of AI, it shall become “more dangerous than nuclear weapons” (p. 107).

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