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NRS 675.3695???????? Information needed to be supplied by licensee.

14 Jul , 2020,
Beth Weissman
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NRS 675.3695???????? Information needed to be supplied by licensee.

NRS 675.3697???????? Prohibited techniques by licensee.


NRS 675.370?????????? License stays effective until termination, surrender, suspension or revocation.

NRS 675.380?????????? Authority of Commissioner to analyze company; free access needed.

NRS 675.390?????????? Authority of Commissioner to need attendance of witnesses and manufacturing of papers.

NRS 675.400?????????? Commissioner to look at licensee?s company yearly; cost.

NRS 675.410?????????? Temporary suspension system of permit: Conditions; notice; hearing; term of suspension system.

NRS 675.420?????????? Surrender of permit by licensee; surrender as impacting licensee?s obligation.

NRS 675.430?????????? Purchase to desist and refrain; action to enjoin breach; visit and abilities of receiver.

NRS 675.440?????????? Revocation or suspension system of license: Grounds; notice; hearing; purchase.

NRS 675.445?????????? Revocation or suspension system of permit: extra grounds.

NRS 675.450?????????? Preexisting contracts unaffected by revocation, suspension system, surrender or expiration of permit.

NRS 675.470?????????? Unlicensed working in loans.

????? NRS 675.010 brief name. This chapter will probably be understood and might be cited since the Nevada Installment Loan and Finance Act.

????? NRS 675.020 Definitions. Effective through December 31, 2019. |31, 2019. December As utilized in this chapter, unless the context otherwise calls for:

????? 1. ?Amount of cash loan? means the quantity of money or its comparable actually gotten by way of a borrower or given out at his / her way or on his / her behalf.

????? 2. ?Amount of loan responsibility? means the quantity of cash loan in addition to the aggregate of charges added thereto pursuant to authority of the chapter.

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