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Netflix Deleted Hannah’s Suicide Scene In ‘13 Main Reasons Why’

16 Jan , 2020,
Beth Weissman
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Netflix Deleted Hannah’s Suicide Scene In ‘13 Main Reasons Why’

A primary into the reputation for the Netflix series.

The american platform has issued a statement that the particularly controversial suicide scene in Hannah (Katherine Langford) has been altered while season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is expected to arrive in August.

An enhance on 13 explanations why

In reality, Hannah’s committing suicide scene ended up being merely take off during modifying. The series prevents once the teenager talks about by by herself into the mirror inside her restroom, then resumes along with her mom discovering her inanimate in her tub. In addition, the program happens to be reframed to make certain that just Hannah’s locks is visible.

The original scene, which had provoked a great deal debate whenever it went online in 2017, revealed Hannah grabbing a razor blade, slitting her wrists, then sitting frightened into the bath bath tub which was filling along with her blood. a scene that is dreadful artistically justifiable. It’s been criticized by some horrified parents and people in the profession that is medical her potential “glamourization of suicide”, but in addition since it is, despite every thing, a fantastic tutorial for suicide for young teens struggling with despair.

For the production of period 2 may 2018, Netflix took things a lot more really, placing prevention communications in position prior to each episode. But so far, the working platform had supported the group’s imaginative choice. But the current book of a study that is disturbing which ultimately shows that the committing suicide price soared soon after the production of this very first period of 13 main reasons why might have affected their modification of heart.

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