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The Hour of Rule is December 8-14, upon us, 2014

9 Jun , 2017,
Beth Weissman
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Chomper Stomping jQuery/JavaScript/CSS 3/HTML 5, Java/PHP/Python/ActionScript, Git, Chrome/Firefox Extensions, Wp/Game/iPhone Software Progress and other random geek tidbits I've obtained 19-Aug/09 0 failed with exit code -1 error when compiling iPhone App for Unit – 3.0 Release build” href=”” rel=”bookmark”>Command failed with exit code -1 error when compiling iPhone Application for System – 3.0 Release build For developing Applications I recently installed the iPhone OS 3.0 update on my iMac. The App I’ve been building started organizing problems when I would try to make for 3.0 (previously worked in 2.2.1). I fixed every one of the mistakes I’m consistently having the following error, although I possibly could: Control failed with leave rule -1 Any moment make and I try for that device (actually 2.2.1 today. ) It operates fine while in the simulation (building for both launch and debug) but won’t work for the unit (for release or debug). The cause of this is because I unintentionally mounted the “Snow Leopard” model of the 3.0 SDK instead of the “Leopard” type (I am merely a bad ignorant PC dude that has no thought which dog his OS is named after and just desires they’d call it “X.5” or “X.6” to simplify items).

10.thou shalt be nice and tactful in-all which you state.

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